DHMC 2013 Year in Review

01 Jan 2014

Since July 27, 2011, I've run a popular public Minecraft server called Darkhelmet Minecraft. 2011 was an excellent year, 2012 was insane with over 13,300 new players logging twenty-one years worth of playtime. Unfortunately, we were hit with a major DDoS attack in October 2012 - one of the biggest I've ever seen and one that forced the small-time local colocation company to kick us out.

DHMC lost too many good players over the following five months as I searched for a suitable company to take us on - it took a while because I wasn't willing to sacrifice performance or pay several hundered extra to subsidize the cost of proper DDoS protection. We eventually found a good home with a slightly better server and proper protection, all for a cheaper price.

Our player base remained pretty small for several months as I focused on real life. I had no time to play and often went weeks without even logging in. We had legendary players (people who play 80 hours or more) who I had never even met. People were taking a break anyway as they waited for the server version of a major update: 1.7.

Once we could safely update to 1.7, DHMC sprang back to life. I spent some time refreshing the server - fixing issues, making improvements, fixing plugins and the website, and adding some new features. We're finally rebounding and I'm very excited for what 2014 holds.

Every year I post some interesting statics. Despite 2013 being the slowest year, some of these numbers are pretty amazing.

In 2013...

A few fun notes about some in-game features:

There are now 80+ videos players have put up on youtube.


On December 31, 2012 I made the first code commits on Prism - a plugin for Minecraft servers that tracks changes made by players so that you can find, and reverse vandalism. It started as an experiment to see if I could develop something that felt better than existing projects, which had all been disappointing.

Early previews were very well received, so I continued. It's been downloaded at least 33,000 times and is used on an estimated 1,500 servers a day (yesterday, we tracked 1,115 servers that allow metrics reporting).

A lot of work went into the plugin - the featureset far exceeds the competition and I've focused on performance and load handling to ensure that even the biggest servers can use it.

I've also continued some work on minor plugins - Crafty's, Schwartz, Oracle, Elixr, DarkMythos, etc.

Onwards to 2014!